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No seriously OMG! EPIC! 

Are two of Illamasqua's Beyond Powders, they've been out quite a while but I haven't had a chance to share the LOVE and trust me it's LOVE. I've always been a fan of Illamasqua's powder based products because they're so well pigmented and so finely milled - The application is, as always dreamy but never cakey. I've used some of their sculpting duos over the years and have always loved the highlighting shades but it's nice to actually have a separate, sparkly highlighter because we all need as much glow as possible. 

OMG! is the lighter shade of the two and despite it looking quite pearlised it still has a warm undertone. I almost always stray away from highlighters like this as they end up looking frosty against my skin tone but this is definitely a subtle, more golden glow no elsa ice queen here! 

EPIC! is truly that! I mean rose gold? what's not to love, it's a gorgeous highlighter with a richer golden undertone naturally this compliments my skin tone better and is more apparent once applied. I also love the way this works with the tones of blushers I tend to gravitate towards - It's the perfect match. 

Both of these highlighters give the skin the right amount of glow - it's buildable, if you like me, like more! Best of all they're not overly sparkly but more like a sweep of shimmer

Have any of you checked these out? You really must they're to die for

Lots of Love


  1. These look gorgeous! :) Nice post!


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