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My Signature RED Lip

London, UK

I genuinely believe you can never have too many red lipsticks..

I mean red.. there's so many tones and texture and let's face it red lipstick fixes everything - If I'm having an off day a touch of red always seems to lift my spirits. Personally for me if it's red, it has to be matte for maximum impact. I go through phases with my favourite reds and right now I'd say my signature red lip is this beauty by the Balm cosmetics - Loyal. It's a liquid based lipstick and I've mentioned my love for this product before but it definitely deserves a re-mention on MouldyFruit

adore the texture of these, when you initially apply them they're relatively wet and creamy but I find this is the best consistency for perfecting the shape of your lips. The balm's liquid lipsticks are so easy to apply and they glide on to the lips so effortlessly. The best thing about these liquid lipsticks is the longevity out of all the brands I own these are the ones that last the best, without drying out my lips. The tone of this red is by far my fave right now - it's vibrant, striking but not too deep.

So many people have been asking about my lips, mainly on Snapchat and recently when I've worn red and it's been this one. 

Have any of you tried the Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

Loyal is totally what I've been to this red lipstick! 

Lots of Love

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