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Loving/Wearing | Dana Levy Evil Eye Choker


If you follow me on Snapchat you may have had a sneak peek of this beauty..

I conveniently received it when I was suffering from my eye infection, I was feeling pretty low and I was ranting about evil eye. I've always believed in evil eye and as a result I almost always wear a piece of evil eye jewellery on. When chokers started to resurface in the fashion world I wasn't interested at all, it reminded me of being that awkward teen - memories I'm forever trying to forget. Fast forward a few months, I now own two - this being one of them, I guess sometimes we can all succumb to the hype now and then. I absolutely adore this velvet band choker with the evil eye embellishment, it's such an eye catching piece (no pun intended) and it's another beauty to add to my collection of my Dana Levy jewellery.

If you haven't checked out Dana Levy's stunning jewellery, you really ought to - Check it out HERE

What have you been Loving/Wearing recently? 

Lots of Love

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