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Happy Halloween!


Halloween is by far my favourite time of year..
This year I had no plans until I was invited out Friday night to a 'Dead or Alive' party at Home House. I had no costume so what do you do? Binge on YouTube videos, have a play and hope you create something decent. I was inspired by Desi Perkins skull creation and I just thought I'd give it a go. I just wanted to share this with you guys because for the first time in years I got fully creative and I actually had so much fun.

It reminded me that make up is supposed to be fun, it's supposed to be experimental and you're allowed to make mistakes - honestly practice makes perfect. I'm so used to my daily make up routine that at time I forget I actually like a challenge! 

All I wanted to say was I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween, stay SAFE and challenge yourself tomorrow..

I also wanted to include a fun Halloween themed video I filmed with Superdrug, check out my impressive cake decorating skills (NOT)

With that being said, it's the end of #EverydayOctober to be honest it was more like #ALMOSTEverydayOctober - It was much harder for me to blog daily this month, much harder than August. I've been busy, I've been doing courses, I've been getting back on track with my health and as much as I'd like to talk to you lot as often as possible sometimes I just can't force it - Hope you understand.

Try something new, you'll feel great about your efforts - Trust me! 
Speak soon..

Lots of Love

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