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FACE by Pixiwoo


Oh I do love a good beauty book..

and this is my latest addition to my shelf. FACE by Pixiwoo, is the new book by the Chapman sisters. I remember when I first met Sam and Nic almost 6 years ago now, we were at an Illamasqua event and I have to admit I was slightly starstruck by meeting them. I must say they are two of the most humble, talented and funny individuals I've met - I couldn't be prouder of them, their achievements and the launch of this book. I remember when I had just started blogging I would watch their videos trying to pick up all their tips and tricks, a lot of which has stayed with me over the years. Today they've put all of this incredible knowledge into FACE - it's an amazing book for any beauty enthusiast, make up artist or anyone who want's to perfect the application of make up. The app that goes alongside this book is genius, it's an interactive way to see the teachings come to life.

This book covers absolutely everything from skin care, to tools, to simply to selecting the right type of make up for you.  I've really enjoyed flicking through this book over the last week and it's out to buy now.

FACE by Pixiwoo is available to buy HERE

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Lots of Love 

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  1. This sounds like such an interesting book! I definitely want to see what it's all about.

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