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Changing The Way I Cleanse with The Estée Edit


This week I've been trying The Estée Edit's Mega Chlorella Algae Cleansing Bar and despite being a little on the fence at first, I'm loving it.. 
I'm so used to cleansing my skin with a balm based or an oil based cleanser that using this was quite different. The idea is that you lather up this bar of soap, massage it into the skin and wash away it sounds pretty simple and it was. I actually used my Foreo Luna (which I still LOVE full blogpost HERE) to massage the product this into my skin and I have to say the results were remarkable. I actually had a full face of make up on and I wasn't sure if this would successfully remove it all but it did - Everything was gone. Not only that but my skin was literally squeaky clean afterwards, the following morning I couldn't help but notice how much brighter my whole general appearance was. This cleansing bar is crafted in Japan and packed with lots of green goodness, algae being one of them. The skincare benefits of algae are amazing, it's enriched with Vitamins A, B and E which work wonders for the skin. Not only is this a gentle way to cleanse it's also extremely effective, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and looking refreshed.

Despite being a little skeptical at first, I'm definitely planning to stick with this cleanser because the results are already evident

Have any of you tried this or anything similar?

Lots of Love

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