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Can we talk Colour Correcting?


Colour correcting has become a crucial step in my make up routine, I feel like it gives you the ability to work on any imperfections and improve your general make up application..
 When Urban Decay launched their selection of Colour Correcting Fluids I couldn't wait to get involved. 

I adore their Naked Concealer - I love the formula of it and these looked as if they were going to be similar. The consistency is spot on, fluid, creamy but sets well without appearing cakey on the skin because of this they're ideal underneath concealer/foundation. I also love how easy it is to use this product, I had been using the Becca colour corrector for quite some time and while I love it there's a knack to ensuring it meshes well with concealer. I feel like the UD colour correctors are a fantastic, fool proof way to even out your base adding brightness in the right places. 

These colour correcting fluids come in 5 shades

Green to counteract redness/blemishes.
Lavender to balance out sallowness.
Peach for dark circles and dark spots on warmer complexions.
Pink for dark circles and dark spots on fairer complexions.
Yellow for brightness.

I have been using the peach recently and I must say it works wonders, you guys know how much my dark circles bother me and this is a quick fix that makes me feel heaps happier about my appearance. 

Have any of you tried these? Will you be? 

Lots of Love 

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  1. I have such bad dark under eyes, I think I need the peach one in my life! I love the original concealer of this so I definitely want to try the colour correcting ones.

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