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An ode to Hourglass


Hourglass isn't a brand that I use much from, let me explain. I swoon over their products often but I don't always follow through..

Everything I've tried from the brand I love but I find it so similar to Becca and y'all know how much I love my Becca.

Lately I've been using two Hourglass products that I'm loving, no they're not new but they are new to my everyday make up routine. The Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light has been a powder I've been using to set my under eye concealer, I know this may seem odd but it's been incredible to add light and brightness to the centre of my face. It's such a finely milled powder, that applies like silk and smooths out the skin so amazingly. It definitely gives my my overall complexion a surge of radiance

I remember how much hype the Ambient Lightning Blushers caused when they first launched and you know I like to be deliberately late to the party. I've been using Diffused Heat - Antique Rose to add a pop of pink to my cheeks, I usually opt for peach based blushers but because I'm still relatively tanned I feel like I need something a bit more apparent on my cheeks. These are stunning blushers that give you a sweep of colour and a gorgeous glow

I've really been enjoying both of these products. Have any of you tried them? What do you think of Hourglass as a brand?

Lots of Love 

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