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Let Me Fill You In..


It’s been a while since I’ve brought you guys regular content and today I’m going to fill you in.. 

Summer 16 
Summer literally flashed before my eyes and today in London it finally feels like Autumn is upon us. There were so many highlights of Summer 16 mostly spent with my close knit of fabulous friends/family. I saw Beyonce live which literally changed my life, I now feel like a strong Independent Woman who’s all about Me, Myself & I - Haha. I went to wireless and got to see J.Cole who’s music inspires me on a daily basis and he's just so incredible live. I went to Turkey, Ras Al Khaimah and of course Dubai, you guys know travelling is a key part of my life and the memories that were made will be cherished for life. One of the best moments was throwing my dearest dad an epic 60th surprise birthday - It will be a Summer I will remember forever. 

Saying Goodbye to Summer 16
I spent most of September holding on to the last days of Summer 16, I was of course in Dubai and wanted to take time out to make the most of the sunshine and time with friends. I actually ended up staying longer than expected as the airline (through no fault of mine!) cancelled my return journey. This was a little bittersweet as I was meant to fly to Berlin to surprise my brother for his birthday but I missed out - nevertheless I made the most of extra time in Dubai - If you weren’t following me on Snapchat you seriously missed out on a lot of LOL moments. 

Right Here, Right Now 
I’ve been back from Dubai over a week now and while I was 110% ready to get back in the swing of all things Blog and YT related I’ve spent the last six days with an eye infection. It started off as a stye I blame excessive partying and way too many late nights (or should I say early mornings) in Dubai. I’m my own worst enemy really and I’m sure many of you are aware I have a really really shitty immune system. So yes the STYE has now taken over my life, I literally can’t open my right eye - I look like I’ve been in the ring with Mayweather. It’s so frustrating because I can’t keep it open for very long and the light is uncomfortable. As much as I’m trying to rest I am just SO BORED - but Doctors orders. 

With all the above being said, I have MISSED blogging. I focused so much of August uploading content daily and it’s been weird not saying hello and sharing my latest loves with you lot. If you followed me during that month and you enjoyed it I’m happy to announce that as of Saturday.. 

I will be doing #EverydayOctober I have so much to share with you guys, there’s lots of exciting products that I’ve been trying over the last month or so and it’s about time I get back on it. 

If you aren’t already aware this week I’m taking over SmartBuyGlasses Instagram - be sure to follow me and like my pics over there, with a chance of winning a pair of designer sunnies. 

I hope you lot have been well thank you for the continued support as always. 

Woah that feels like a long post. Speak soon. 

Lots of Love 

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