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#ToolTalk | 5 Favourites Right NOW!

London, UK

Hi my names Zara and I'm a brush hoarder!

Yes, I seem to collect brushes to be fair I collect most things beauty related. Brushes that I favour change depending on many things. I wanted to share my love for 5 tools I'm loving right now.

I probably own about four of these, I'm going to keep it real and admit that I prefer this sponge over my BeautyBlender (SSSSHHH!) don't get me wrong the BB is badass but there's something about this sponge that I'm forever gravitating towards. I literally do my whole base with this one sponge, I love the bounciness, the density and the way it seamlessly blends in products. I used the tapered edge to apply foundation/concealer and the flat bottom to press in my translucent powder. I absolutely love it, it's affordable and works wonders. 

I love this duo fibre bristled brush for applying shimmer/glitter shadows to my lid - I didn't think it would work well at doing so but I think the soft bristles allow you to place shimmer on the eye without it getting too absorbed into the bristles. It's such a dream to use this brush and I really recommend it for packing on product to the lids. It's also a really nice brush to use for concealer. 

Hello highlight! When I first received this brush, it looked like it belonged in my art box as opposed to my make up bag but this has fast become my favourite brush for highlighting. This brush is slightly tapered and fits the tops of my cheekbones so well. I absolutely adore how this deposits product and I think that's important when it comes to highlighting powders. I softly sweep this along the high points of my face it's literally like waving a magic wand.

Now this is sort of cheating because it's a 2-in-1 brush and I actually got this as part of a gift set from Tarte. It took me quite a while to get round to using it but since I've started, I can't stop - I use this brush daily! I LOVE the angle ended brush it's the perfect shape to place colour in the crease, it works so well for transition shadows and the angle makes blending even easier. The other end of the brush is great for applying colour all over the lid. 

This brush is the teeniest, tiniest pencil brush I have ever used and because of it's size it's INCREDIBLE. You can get so close to the lash line so it's perfect for a smudgy liner look, I use this to smoke out my lower lash. It's such an amazing brush for details and I can't do my make up without it. 

There you have it five of my nearest and dearest tools of the moment. 
What are your current favourites? 

Lots of Love

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  1. Brushes are probably my favourite beauty related products. Although I have two huge Zoeva sets, I don't have either of these brushes and now I fear I need them in my life! That pencil brush is so much smaller than their 230, I need it! Thanks for sharing!

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x


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