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The Perfect Plumping NUDE!


My lipstick collection is seriously out of control, it stresses me out because I end up forgetting about gems like this one..

I was having a little clear out getting rid of unloved lippies and I came across this baby, I knew it was a majorly loved because I actually own two of them. I instantly applied it to my lips and right then I knew I'd rediscovered my love for one of my old time favourites. The By Terry Terrybly lipsticks are an incredible creamy formula, they feel extremely comforting on the lips and are such a joy to wear. 

103 Plumping Nude 'Antique Rose' is such a stunning nude, it's currently my most coveted tone of lipstick. It's soft, with enough balance between pink/brown tones but it's still apparent on the lips. This lipstick really gives you a fuller pout, I'm not going to lie I went slightly over my natural lip line but I feel like I can get away with it in this shade of lipstick. I also adore the finish of this lipstick, as I mentioned above the formula is more creamy and I love the subtle shine it gives your lips. 

I know this lipstick is going to be creeping it's way back into my current favourites drawer. 

What's your go-to nude of the moment?

Lots of Love


  1. Loving your new hair colour.
    Looks so good on you.


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