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Sweet like Chocolate


It's been a while since I've shared my love on an eyeshadow palette
..and to be honest that's because my daily eye make up has consisted solely of the Becca Ombré Rouge Palette, which I adore - it's simple, yet enough for day to day wear. I'm not going to lie I've found myself in a bit of a make up rut, call it old age but I seem to be sticking to the same ol'. Now don't get it twisted the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar by Too Faced is hardly straying away from the neutral/warm tones that I too often frequent but hey there's a little more variation. I mean why fix it if it's not broken? And there's nothing more I love than a warm, soft, smokey brown eye and this palette gives me all of that and more. 

I can't start talking about this palette without acknowledging the smell - it's divine and YES it smells just like chocolate! I find this a little tricky when applying my eye make up because for someone who's meant to be on a diet this is somewhat distracting - haha! 

Anyhow the consistency of these eyeshadows is smoother than smooth, it's quick to apply and even easier to blend. I adore the application of these eyeshadows because it's genuinely a dream

Moving on to the tones *rolls eyes* yes there's lots of browns but call me loyal because I simply can get enough of this selection of eyeshadows. Some are matte, some have a slight shimmer, others are glittery and I love the choice. 

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar has definitely been my palette of choice over the last month - It's beautiful, the combinations are limitless and I can't get enough of it. 

Have any of you tried this? I'm loving it right now. 
Lots of Love


  1. I so badly want to get my hands on that palette the shades are stunning

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I have the original Too Faced Chocolate palette and can't stop using it and yes the smell is AMAZING! This palette does look gorgeous too. Too Faced are one of my favourites for eye shadows.

    Emmy | EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin

  3. Looks like such a good palette. Although I'm leaning more towards their peach palette x

    Coco | The Beauty Milk


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