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Sitting Pretty Poolside

Ras Al-Khaimah - United Arab Emirates

If you're not following me on Instagram then you may not know that I'm currently on holiday in the UAE..

The post I had initially intended to put up has gone missing! Seriously, I have no idea how or why technology doesn't cooperate with me? Instead I wanted to share some love for a few products that have been sat poolside with me this week. 

Phytoplage Protective Sun Oil & Veil

Hair is a big issue for me right now, this is the first time I've been away in such heat with coloured hair. As a result I'm taking extra precautions and have been using two products by Phytoplage. This whole range is designed for maximum protection against the sun. I've been in and out of the sea and paddling around the pool so this has been an everyday essential. It's helped to keep my hair hydrated and protected against additional the sun. My hair has the tendency to be very dry so the oil is rich in consistency, I generously apply this all over especially focusing the ends. If an oil is too much for your hair the veil is designed to be slightly lighter in consistency but still as protective. 

I mentioned this in my last favourites video and I can now report that  POP has fast become my everyday Summer scent. It's absolutely beautiful- a light, floral, fragrance that sits so well on the skin. Ideal for Sunny days and long warm evenings. I'm so glad I discovered this before this holiday it will now be a fragrance I will associate with these memories. 

Becoming by Laura Jane Williams 

I mentioned this book in my last poolside post a few months ago and despite loving it then, I've honestly had no time to carry on reading it. As soon as I begun reading again I fell in love with Laura's writing style all over again, OH we are on first names basis because I actually know her in IRL haha! This is such a good read for any woman getting to know herself and I'm not being bias, she's awesome - check her out online @SuperlativelyJ

I wasn't lying when I told you these were my favourite sunnies at the moment and I stand by my word. I've realised how important light frames are especially when sat by the pool in the heat. I love the shape of these frames, they're not round, nor cateye instead they're a little more quirky and I love that. Also how dope are the reflective lenses.. I adore them. I got mine from Red Hot Sunglasses, they're so much cheaper on there and such a reliable site. 

What are/have been your poolside products this summer?   

Lots of Love

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