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Sitting Pretty On My Desk

London, UK

I once read a quote.. 'A messy desk is a sign of a true genius' ..I'm far from genius but it's one of the ways I justify my organised chaos.. 

Here's a little run down of the bits that are currently on my desk.. 

I've mentioned this book before and it's been such an incredible discovery. This book is great for managing your thoughts, clearing your mind and generally bringing calm to your life. It's an engaging and encouraging book, filled with creative prompts and exercises. 

Live Laugh Love 
This cute little book sits on my desk a lot of the time, I often flick through and read some of the uplifting quotes in between working. I love and live by so many quotes and this book often makes me smile to myself. 

Estée Lauder New Dimension Smooth and Tone Creme-Glove
Who doesn't need a hand cream on their desk? it's a step I often forget so having this in sight is a reminder to hydrate my hands. This is a new launch from EL and I love how well it absorbs into my skin, it doesn't leave my hands greasy so I'm keyboard ready at all times. I've noticed my hands are so much softer since using this and my fingers are a lot smoother. I suffer from really dry hands especially in the Winter so this will definitely be seeing me through to the colder seasons. 

Frank Lip Scrub/Lip Balm 
I'm obsessed with this lip scrub, I recently wrote about it HERE - I think it's the caffeine addict in me that's got me hooked on scrubbing my lips with this coffee/balm based scrub. I literally sit there massaging this in to my lips then follow with the lip balm - I mean who doesn't have a lip balm on their desk and this is the perfect duo. I faff around a lot so having beauty bits like this on my desk are the ultimate distraction.

YSL Bleu Majorelle (18) Nail Polish 
Too often I'm waiting - waiting for an email reply, waiting for photos to upload, waiting for a video to export - what better way to spend my time and PROCRASTINATE than by painting my nails. I absolutely adore this colour by YSL it has me yearning for sea and sun - it's such an incredible tone of blue, it's beautiful. 

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Precious Perfume Oil 

Another thing sitting pretty and smelling even prettier on my desk is Viktor and Rolfs Flowerbomb's Precious Perfume Oil. This is truly divine - I don't know many people who don't like Flowerbomb, it's floral, opulent and do distinctive. A few drops of this on the skin, leaves you smelling sweet and sexy for hours. It's intense, fragrant and for me, it's a real nostalgic one. 

Of course my desk is never complete without multiple, unnecessary trinkets and of course the blogger cliche a self sufficient plant - I mean you gotta love a plant you don't actually have to care for!?

What's currently sitting pretty on your desk? 

Lots of Love 


  1. The calm book sounds so good, I definitely need to pick that up! x

  2. I love the shade os that polish! Blue is one of my favourite colours at the moment x

    Zoe Mountford x


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