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Obsessing over Dana Levy jewellery


I'm sure many of you have seen through my various posts/videos over the years that I do love my jewellery.. 

The pieces I pick are often unique and have some sort of deeper meaning. For as long as I can remember I've loved evil eye inspired jewellery - it's symbolic and as silly as it sounds I love the protective meaning behind it. When I stumbled across Dana Levy her designs instantly stood out, they're distinctive, a little quirky and uber colourful. I've thoroughly enjoyed wearing my Dana Levy jewellery on this holiday and I wanted to share them with you. 

First up is the ring pictured above - I haven't been able to take off the Evil Eye Charm ring and as a result I've been matching my lipstick to it on a daily basis. Despite the ring being quite large on the hand it sits so comfortably and it's such an eye catching piece (no pun intended). It's hand painted enamel with a central black swarovski crystal. 

It was Dana's Friendship Bracelets that first attracted me to her jewellery, do I even need to explain why? I absolutely adore this bracelet, it's bright, beautiful and the perfect piece to add to my existing wrist stack.

Also pictured above is the Limited Edition Mother of Pearl Evil Eye Midi Ring - lucky for me it fits my little finger and I am forever in search of that perfect pinky ring - Think I may have finally found it. 

The last piece I wanted to share with you is the Enamel Evil Eye Charm Mesh Cuff Bracelet, this compliments my other gold bangles so well. I love how intricate the mesh/woven cuff is and how the centred evil eye sets off the whole piece - simply stunning

I can't get enough of my Dana Levy new additions, if you're a lover of jewellery like me, you must check her out HERE

Lots of Love 

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