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Masks of the Moment

Ras Al-Khaimah - United Arab Emirates

Following on from last week's skin care post today I wanted to share some of the masks I'm loving at the moment.. 
The older I've got the more diligent I've become with getting into a good skin care routine. This includes making time for face masks, as busy as life gets I do try and do this a few times a week. The type of face mask I use is often dependent on how my skin is feeling and today I have three that will help you whatever your skin care concerns.

I do love a good peeling mask, I feel like this is mainly to do with nostalgia - It takes me back to being a teen and doing those cheapy packet job peel masks with my best friend. Nowadays the approach is a little more sophisticated and I like the idea of removing a layer of dead skin. This mineral mask is made with volcanic rocks and AHA, it essentially gets rid of all that old, unwanted skin leaving your face looking and feeling radiant. This is a great mask for generally brightening your complexion and is one of Vichy's first based mineral masks. 

The Hydrating Mask - Estée Lauder New Dimension Sculpt and Glow Mask 
This soon to launch mask by Estée Lauder is worth checking out once it hits counters. I have been using this mask recently and it really is such a beautiful product - The consistency is cream based and I adore the texture against my skin. You can apply this and remove after 5 minutes, alternately you can leave a thin layer of this over night. I find this adds hydration, plumps my skin and leaves my face feeling more lifted - TRUST ME this is major key the older you get and I'm all about as much prevention as possible HA! 

We all need a deep, detoxifying clay based mask from time to time and this is currently my go-to. My skin too often just seems clogged and despite my religious cleansing regime it sometimes needs a deeper cleanse and this works wonders. I love Chantecaille's skin care it's gentle but effective enough to see results. After using this mask I instantly notice how much clearer and brighter my skin looks and feels. 

What are your favourite masks of the moment? 

Lots of Love 

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  1. Vichy is one of my favourite skin brands, I have the Clay Mask from them to try but I do love the sound of this peeling one!

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