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London, UK

Yes Yes Yes!  I love a good glow but today I'm talking glow that's skin deep.. 
We can all add a little bit of highlighter to our make up and we're literally good to glow (see what I did there haha) but today I'm talking about that prep glow. I've spoken quite a bit recently on how I'm taking more time to perfect my base prior to the application of make up, you can read that post HERE with more deets. Funnily enough after I put up that post I was introduced to two relatively new products from Estée Lauder these have quite literally blown me away

The Genuine Glow range is a range that I like to see as a hybrid between skin care and pre make up prep. Firstly I must comment on the consistency of these products, both are balm based but not heavy against the skin, they hydrate and provide a barrier before make up, which essentially prolongs the wear of you made up face. I love the way both the these smooth the skin and add an element of natural radiance. If I'm honest the eye balm is a complete god send - I was astounded when I applied this to one eye and noticed the difference between the two. I'm forever self conscious of my puffy, dark circles - this product softened the lines around my eyes and add instant brightness. 

I've been incorporating these products in my daily make up routine and I can't get enough of them. I even did a make up trial on a bride last week she also noticed how much of a difference these products made. 

I can't recommend this launch by Estée Lauder enough, you can check it out HERE. I'm hoping to film a new everyday make up tutorial where you can check these babies out in action, until then.. 

Lots of Love 


  1. Ooe these looks awesome! Definitely checking these out I have been loving the dewy look

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Hi, I love your blog. Please check out mine and subscribe, I post every weekend :) Happy blogging!


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