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Cover FX, I love you!


I first tried the Cover Fx Custom Drops this time last year in Miami.. 

The weather was hot, sticky and I wanted a weightless foundation for the evenings. Conveniently the Sephora on Collins Ave was right opposite my hotel so I was popping in daily trying all sorts. That's when I came across Cover Fx - formulated by the man behind most MAC foundations, I knew this wouldn't be a let down. The custom drops are designed to be used however you see fit, I personally prefer using them as a foundation but I know many people add a drop to moisturiser for lighter coverage. I added the tiniest amount to the back of my hand and could not believe how this seamlessly spread and concealed so beautifully. The coverage is incredible and even though the finish is more on the matte side it's still relatively radiant on the skin. For me the biggest surprise was the texture, I couldn't believe how can something so lightweight distribute so well and give you such a smooth, flawless finish. 

I use the Cover FX Custom Drops in G70 and sometimes I add a little N80. I wore this on a night out yesterday and after all my epic (not) dance moves, at the end of the evening well early hours of the morning my base was still in place. This is definitely my favourite foundation of the moment it's seriously BAD ASS

Recently Cover FX have launched their new Custom Enhancer Drops, this is honestly glow in a bottle. It's the most stunning, pearlised illuminator which again can be used however desired. I added a touch of 'Moonlight' to my foundation for all over radiance. You can also apply this as you normally would a highlighter. The consistency again is insane, so unbelievably light - It's crazy to think this is a liquid based product because it feels like a velvet smooth powder. Many of you know I'm not a fan of liquid highlighters but this has to be one of the very few I can't recommend enough. 

Have any of you tried Cover FX seriously the Custom Drops are the BOMB.COM

What are you favourite foundations of the moment? 

Lots of Love


  1. These sound amazing! I've seen swatches online and wow, they're so stunning! x

  2. You are just so stunning - your skin is flawless and so radiant!

    Great review, Cover FX sounds fab - it has been added to my wish list!

    Lots of Love,
    Ana Sofia


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