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Can we talk about THESE culottes?

Ras Al-Khaimah - United Arab Emirates

Dressing girly is a big deal for me so when I spotted these culottes I knew I had found a new staple for my wardrobe..

It's no secret that I love black, boyish, sporty clothing so when I was in Urban Outfitters returning a few items, I spotted these and it was literally love at first sight. Let's talk about culottes in general? I didn't think they'd ever suit me, to be honest they remind me of my uniform when I was in the Brownies and I hated it with a passion. At 5'2 clothing items like these tend to draw attention to the fact that I'm not so blessed in the height department, however this Summer I've been getting a little more involved. I think it's about finding the right length and these sit perfectly under my knee. I also think with my body shape, high waisted culottes flatter me by emphasising my waist and (sorta) hiding my hips. Let's talk sporty chic - a trend that's definitely here to stick around, these epitomise that and it's a trend I'm totally on board with. I dressed mine up with heels (Loubs) but they look just as effortlessly cool with trainers. 

Even though I'm not much of an Adidas girl, I am all over these.. They're awesome! I might even outfit repeat and wear them again tonight.. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

Have any of you jumped on the culotte bandwagon? Or the sport chic trend?

Lots of Love

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