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BOLD and Glossy?

London, UK

I don't usually do bold and glossy, actually I never do..

But if there's one product to convert me its this! Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Vinyl Lip Colours have honestly blown me away. I have one of the shades on as I type this and I don't know what I love more - the smell? I keep making a deliberate duck face just to get a whiff of this product it's like chocolate and cake and all good sweet things rolled into one. Or it might be the texture? Glossy, creamy but somehow not at all sticky. Or maybe it's just the pigment? These lip products are bold and beautiful - I keep passing myself in the mirror and this lip vinyl is seriously eye catching. Talk about a statement lip and I think this may very well be the beginning of a new lip look for me. 



I also love the way this lip product plumps my lips not in a tingly uncomfortable way but more so a fuller finish to what I already have. The application is easy and the doe foot allows you to precisely place the product.

I know glossy bold lips aren't for everyone and before this I didn't think they were for me but I'm seriously loving the Lip Vinyls from Estée Lauder, I've even downed a cup of coffee whilst writing this and my lips are still lacquered up and I'm loving it. 

* smells lips again, mmmm * 

Lots of Love 

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