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Benefit do BROWS!

London, UK

I used to think the definition of a good brow was an over plucked line of hair above my eyeballs.. Boy was I wrong! 

This is possibly the only circumstance where I'm actually thankful that I'm hairy because fortunately for me they grew back. I have quite a naturally, defined brow but that doesn't mean I give grooming a miss. 

Benefit’s latest brow launch has had beauty junkies going crazy and there’s good reason why. This isn’t just one new brow product, it’s a whole collection which is all about brows and there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. 

With all my brow business mentioned above my main thing to keep them looking fleeky is to fill in any gaps, for this I have been using the Precisely, my brow pencil which is incredible - Crazy packaging aside, the consistency of this pencil is amazing. It’s soft but precise and allows you to effortlessly create hair strokes. I have been using this in shade 5 which is so spot on for my brows, which are naturally very dark. 

My other concern with my brows is that some hairs tend to curl and they just don’t sit in place (typical). I’ve been reaching for the Ready, set, BROW! clear gel which is perfect. I don’t usually like brow gels I find they grip the hairs and make my brows look thiner, this one is great because it doesn’t do that. The applicator is smaller than your average mascara wand and the plastic comb distributes just the right amount of product. 

These two have been my favourite products so far,  but let me tell you more.. 

If you are a fan of powders then Benefit have revamped their Brow Kit - My cousin adores the original product and the new Brow Zing is pretty impressive. I did her make up for a wedding and it was a pleasure to use. The product is great for creating full, natural looking brows.

I sometimes go through phases and like to use a gel colour on my brows, the Ka-BROW! Is a long lasting cream-gel product which lasts up to 24 hours and it’s waterproof. It comes with a diddy angled brush designed to allow easy application

If you’re lacking in the brow department the Gimme Brow will work wonders, it has microfibres that grip to your natural hairs to give you a more volumised brow. It’s a tinted product which will enhance and give you a bolder, fuller looking brow. 

Lastly the best all rounder in this launch is the Browvo! Conditioning primer, this can be worn under brow products or alone. Alone this helps to keep your brows in tip top shape, leaving them feeling conditioned and looking thicker. As a primer this pro longs the wear of all your brow products. 

Have any of you checked out the latest launch from Benefit? There are 13 new products and 6 new shades. It’s totally worth having a look.. 

Lots of Love 

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  1. I love this new launch!! The brow primer sounds so interesting! x


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