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An Afternoon with Asian Bridal Queen Ambreen

Ras Al-Khaimah - United Arab Emirates

A couple of months agoI had the pleasure of spending the day with the well established Asian bridal make up artist Ambreen.. 

I knew from the minute I met her she was different from many artists I’ve previously met. There were elements of her journey that reminded me of my own.  Ambreen held a number of master classes with MAC in both London and Birmingham this Summer and this post comes after that .Many don’t know this but she started off as a MAC girl in House of Fraser in the city. She has since established herself as a freelance make up artists who’s work now graces the front covers of all of the large Asian publications. 

We spent hours talking about make up, our favourite products and how social media has massively influenced changes within the beauty industry. Ambreen explained that within the Asian community many brides are straying away from the traditional look opting for a more contemporary approach to make up. Being half Pakistani I’ve seen many of my cousins on their wedding day donning the typical gold smokey eye with a standard bold red lip, while I can’t deny the beauty of this make up this style is certainty not for me. By the way I must just say I am no way getting married (HAHA) but as a beauty enthusiast I have a lot of interest in the changes of make up trends especially within the Asian culture. 

Ambreens top 5 MAC products

Well this question initially started off as “what’s your must-have MAC product?” it then changed to top 3 then we settled that 5 was a good number haha - You know how impossible it is narrowing it down, So here are Ambreens Top 5! 

Lipstick in Runway Hit, as a MAC lipstick addict I was surprised that I’d never seen this colour before. It’s a matte soft pink with a peachy tone to it - This is Ambreens go-to lipstick and the one she’s wearing in our selfie. It’s stunning on her but possibly a touch too light on me. 

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation - This is the first foundation I tried from MAC and every time I re-visit it I fall in love all over again. It’s full coverage and fluid in consistency, it photographs phenomenally and as soon as Ambreen put this on my face I instantly felt like a million dollars. 

Sunbasque Blusher - A product me and Ambreen agreed on, the ultimate bronzey blush which I have worn and adored for years. I especially love this for when my skin is tanned and warmer. 

Extreme Lash Mascara - This is by far the best MAC mascara I’ve ever used and every MAC artist I speak to agrees. I knew why this was Ambreen’s pick - It’s lengthening, volumising and buildable for maximum drama

Golden Bronzer - I haven’t used this bronzer in years and when Ambreen bronzed up my base with this I loved it. It’s great against all complexions and leaves the skin looking incredibly radiant. This powder is so finely milled and blends in so well giving you a naturally sun kissed finish. 

If I’m honest I very rarely like it when other people do my make up - I’m a creature of habit and I’m so used to my own make up application that I always compare it to that. Ambreen got my make up spot on, the look, the application, the finish it was honestly perfect and for the first time in a very long time I felt pretty. 

Products Used 
Painterly Paintpot 
Amber x 9 Palette 
Blacktrack Fluid Line 
Kajal Pencil 
In Extreme Lash 
Lashes in 36 

Fast Response Eye Cream 
Moisture SPF 15 Concealer 
Strobe Cream 
Studio Fix Fluid NW35
Colour Corrector Orange/Yellow
Pro Longwear Concealer 
Studio Fix Powder NC44
Pro Longwear NW45 Concealer to Contour 
Golden Bronzer 
Melba Blusher 
Gingerly Blusher 
Global Glow Highlighter 

Whirl Lip Liner
Hover Lip Liner
Stone Lip Liner
Whirl Lipstick 
Mehr Lipstick 

This is the make up at the end of the day, 6 hours after application! 

I had such a great day with MAC and Ambreen - it was a pleasure to spend the day with such a genuinely lovely and talented soul. I’ve been using some of the tips and tricks Ambreen shared with me and I will be letting you in on some secrets soon. 

Be sure to check out Ambreen on Instagram HERE

Now just to find a man to marry me so Ambreen can make me look flawless on the day haha! 

Lots of Love 

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