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3 MAC Matte Lipsticks you NEED!

London, UK

My love affair with MAC matte lipsticks will never end.. 
While over the years the tones I gravitate towards may have changed, the reality is nothing will beat a MAC matte lipstick. I love everything about them the smell, the texture, the longevity - they are just a safe bet which guarantee to keep me happy.

There seems to be a recurring problem every time I walk into a MAC store - Each lipstick I like, I already own. With that being said, here are three favourites which in my opinion you absolutely need in your life. 

Since this beauty was released it's been a lipstick that has a permanent place on my lips. I love the soft brown tone of this lipstick which is balanced by enough pink to keep this lipstick looking warm against my complexion. I enjoy wearing Whirl because it's more apparent once applied and personally it epitomises that ultimate 90's lip

I hesitated with Mehr for quite some time but I can now fully appreciate it's beauty. I find this lipstick quite rosy against my complexion but funnily enough I adore that. It's a soft, effortlessly pink lipstick and I particularly enjoy mixing this with a touch of Whirl - together they are a dream come true! 

I mean, who doesn't own Velvet Teddy?  For me, the undertone of this lipstick leans more towards peach but warmth is maintained with a subtle brown base.  It's a lot nuder and less obvious on my complexion but I really enjoy wearing it for a soft, barely there lip. 

I think all three of these lipsticks look different depending on complexion but I also think they are three of the most versatile lipsticks I own - They work well with multiple skin tones and look beautiful regardless. 

Now how many of you own at least one of these three? 

Lots of Love 


  1. Whirl looks so pretty! x


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