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Mascaras of the Moment

London, UK

I know I’m not the only one who has more than one mascara on the go.. 

One just doesn't seem to cut it, I go through them so frequently and my favourite is forever changing so here's the current lot. 

This is my perfect everyday mascara, it's not too full on in terms of drama despite the name but for me it effortlessly separates my lashes giving me more length and definition. I find the formula to be quite lightweight on the lashes so it doesn't coat them too heavily. 

For Volume - L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Hippie 
This has been sitting in my "to try" pile for quite some time now and I finally got round to giving it a go and it has honestly blown me away. This mascara gives my lashes ultimate volume and maximum drama, I love how full and fluttery my lashes appear after a couple of coats of this. That's another thing I like - you can layer this mascara without your lashes appearing too thick and spidery. 

This is a rediscovery of a product I loved so very much and re-using it again ha reminded me how so. Firstly I adore the full, curved brush which allows me to lift my lashes from the roots. It's definitely an all rounder mascara - it's fab for definition, length and volume. Another thing I love is the consistency which is already quite thick, I usually hate new mascaras because they're often too wet with the Kevyn you're good to go

For Lower Lashes - MAC Upward Lash 
I adore this mascara because of the mini wand, it's half the size of your average mascara brush and even though it's named upward lash I think this works amazingly on your lower lashes. It separates the lashes creating fullness and because the wand is small you don't catch it on the skin - wiping mascara away from your lower lash line is such a BITCH! This saves you from that. I also quite like to use this mascara to tweak my lashes as a final step, you know add a little extra at the very end?overall it's a good one. 

.. so I don’t use them all in one go I maybe mix up two, sometimes three.. Maybe 4? Haha

What are you mascaras of the moment? 

Lots of Love 

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