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Little White Dress!

Antalya, Turkey

Wait, what!? It's not black! 

Yes I finally strayed away from wearing black and decided to act all angelic in white. This dress was exactly what I was looking for! You know when it comes to holidays and all you want is the perfect, flowy, boho dress - this was definitely that! 

If I'm honest it's a little short for my London life, I can imagine is blowing up as I walk down the street but as far as Summer escapes go it's the one! I teamed it with my Louboutin No Prive's but this dress also looks fab with flip flops or gladiator sandals. It was a complete bargain from Forever 21 and is going to be a staple piece in my holiday wardrobe. 

What's your ideal Summer dress?

Lots of Love 


  1. Can't believe the dress is Forever21 - it's lovely.

    Jazzria x

  2. I love this dress! it's really beautiful and really great for summer as well!
    Paula |


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