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Taking colour correcting to NEW levels!


I will try just about anything when it comes to concealing and correcting my dark circles and to be fair I’ve tried just about everything!

When Becca’s new Targeted Colour Correctors dropped I was beyond excited to give them a go - If you don’t know by now, Becca is fast becoming one of my favourite brands when it comes to base products. I have been trying two of the of the four shades of these colour correctors and I'm impressed to say the least. 

I have predominantly been using ‘Papaya’ which is red in colour - This product neutralizes deep blues/green tones and is ideal for extreme dark circles. I tested to see how effective this colour corrector was by applying it it one eye under concealer and on the other side I used solely concealer - The difference this product made was incredible. I could instantly notice the difference and how much brighter the corrector had made my eye by disguising the darkness. The consistency of this product is quite balm-like and I find the best way to apply it, is by warming up the product with my ring finger and pressing this onto my under eye area - The warmth from my finger allows this product to blend in well without looking cakey. The 'Violet' colour corrector is used to neutralise dullness specifically in the centre of the face, it works best on olive/yellow undertones. I have used this a few times to add brightness to my face, when it’s lacking in radiance. I can’t express how WOW’d I am by Becca's Colour Correctors, they've been in my possession for well over a month now and I’ve been incorporating it into my daily make up routine. 

If you like me stress about dark circles, dullness or scarring these colour correctors work wonders in helping you achieve a more flawless finish to your base. 

Check them out HERE

Have any of you tried these?

Lots of Love

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  1. I really want to try out some colour correcting products, I've heard good things about these! x


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