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A little bit of Laura Geller


Let me be honest I'd never tried anything from Laura Geller..

IKR!? My mum has avidly used Laura Geller for years, my aunties swear by it - It's one of those brands I see them sitting there, watching on QVC. The other day I was in Debenhams and I came across the Laura Geller stand, so I decided to pick up a few things to test for myself. 

This product has been on my beauty wish list since last year, I tried to pick it up in America but sadly it was sold out at every Ulta store I visited. Of course this was the first thing I reached for when I noticed it was in stock. My friend Michelle (Beauty and the Blog) calls this her holy grail highlighter and I'm sure you've seen her Instagram, she literally glows from the high heavens. I absolutely adore the tone of this illuminator against my complexion, it's warm, it's golden and makes the perfect summer highlighter. When my skin gets warmer I opt for more bronzed/golden tones to emphasise that sun kissed glow and this is ideal for that. 

I almost always set my base with a powder but I'm always a little careful when I do so. With most translucent/colourless powders I can often loose the radiance/dewy finish from my foundation which is a downside. What I love about this powder is that it sets, corrects and smooths the skin but best of all leaves your base looking radiant. It has an ever so slight pearl finish which gives the skin luminousity, it photographs really well and I adore how light this feels against the skin. 

You know it's my life conquest to find the best dark circle disguiser. This product is AH-MAZING. Ok it's maybe not your everyday concealer but for those who like full, flawless coverage this is BADASS. The consistency is thick and quite heavy but if applied correctly this isn't really a problem. When I say I take the tiniest amount, I mean it! I really warm up the product with my finger and proceed to gently press it into the under eye are. Wow Wow Wow - I tried this when I was make up free and adding a touch this of concealer under the eyes made me look as if I had a full face of foundation on - It seriously is a little miracle! 

This product reminds me a little of the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer and the Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer.

I have to say what I've tried so far from Laura Geller I have loved. I am definitely someone who needs to play with products hands on before investing into a brand and I'm glad I got to do that. Have any of you tried Laura Geller? Now I know why my mum and my aunties love the brand. I can definitely see myself trying more because so far SO GOOD

Lots of Love 


  1. That highlighter looks amazing! x

  2. Like the idea of the radiance setting powder, recently found a Laura Geller stand not too far from me so I'll have to pop in & give it a try. Not often seen many reviews for the products x

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