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Stepping into Spring with KIKO


Spring has to be my favourite season and I think it's because I know Summer is right around the corner.. 

I love the make up switch up and when it comes to the brighter and warmer months. I adore nothing more than healthy, radiant and sun kissed skin and the latest Collection by KIKO has definitely got me geared for it. 

When it comes to base I like to keep the products minimal and the textures lightweight. DD creams have become a great alternative to foundation, I love the light, yet buildable consistency and of course the sun protection which is essential. The nice thing about the KIKO Sunshine DD Cream is the radiance it adds to your complexion, it leaves your skin looking beautiful almost as if you've returned from a holiday in the sunshine. 

What golden goddess didn't need a bronzer to get her there? I always struggle with bronzers and finding the right tone against my complexion. For me the tone has to be warm and rich so that it enhances my natural colour without leaving my skin looking muddy. I have been using the KIKO Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer in Sienna Melange and it's incredible. I love a baked bronzer, the powder is finely milled, well pigmented and a pleasure to apply. The tone is spot on, it adds the right amount of colour to my skin without making me look Oompa Loompa Orange. I use this in the hollows of my face, the apples of my cheeks and in the creases of my eyes. 

Highlighting has become a step many of us can't leave the house without, I know I can't! It instantly wakes up my skin and perks up my complexion in the most healthy, radiant way. I use a touch of the KIKO Desert Moon Highlighter on my cheekbones and under my brow bone for that instant dewy finish - it's absolutely gorgeous. This adds the perfect amount of highlight without it being too frosty against my skin tone, simply swirly your brush around and get ready to glow.

When it comes to bronzed beauty I like to keep the lips neutral and I opt for peach tones. I really enjoyed using KIKO's Free Spirit Lip and Cheek pencil in 'On the Road Peach. I then applied the KIKO Mirage Lip Stylo in Fired Earth Pink to complete the look. This lipstick is amazing in consistency - it's creamy, hydrating and has a semi glossy finish. These two lip products were definitely a dreamy duo, that worked so well together and finished the bronzed beauty look perfectly. 

Now all I need is a holiday! What's your favourite make up trends for the Spring/Summer? 

The new KIKO collection has definitely got me geared for Summer escapes and bronzed beauty. 

Lots of Love 

Beautifully sculpted lines of a female silhouette. Unique digital surfaces which interplay with light and create a universal modern design. Personality, modernity and confidence… in a word, KIKONESS.

This post was sponsored by KIKO 


  1. This collection is gorgeous! I love Kiko! x

  2. Wow, this is stunning! What a gorgeous new range, love the bronzey radiance and the packaging is so pretty!

    Kiran |

  3. Kiko products look so gorgeous, I'm so glad my student loan has just come in time for some new Spring makeup. x

    Megan |

  4. I love KIKO and was so excited to see the Wanderlust collection! I love how affordable it is as well as how great the products are, especially the bronzer and highlighter, the finished look is stunning on you xx

  5. Oo this collection looks gorgeous! I am obsessed with KIKO products.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  6. I still havent tried the KIKO range - I so need to!

  7. I love Bronzy glowy looks in the summer. I've never even heard of DD creams - i definitely want to check out the Kiko one now. The Bronzer and the highlight look stunning. I love the finished look :) xx


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