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We all have those products that save us in our time of need and these are my current lot.. 

ELF Lip Exfoliator 
By far the the best $3 I've ever spent! This product has been a complete saviour during this Winter. The first thing I love about this product is the applicator, most of the lip exfoliators I own are in a pot but I love the lipstick style packaging as it makes it so much easier to use. The texture of this lipstick style exfoliator is gritty and grainy which is fabulous for removing dry skin.  

Lanolips Golden Ointment
I love a multi purpose balm and it's a product that will always have a place in my beauty regime. The Golden Ointment by Lanolips is my current favourite, the texture is thick but not as gloopy as some balms I've previously used. I find this product is really smooth once applied to the skin and works wonders at hydrating any dry areas. I particularly love to use this on my lips once I've exfoliated as it keeps my lips moisturised for hours. 

Skin Iceland Blemish Dots 
I have been somewhat spotty lately and the older get the more frustrating it becomes, like seriously why weren't spots and blemishes something I left behind in my teenage years? These mini adhesive  blemish dots are coated in salicylic acid and target specific spots/blemishes. I leave these on for as long as I desire and once I remove them I instantly reduce the size and swelling of those dreaded spots. These are a great quick fix for zapping them away!  

Masque BAR Hydro Gel Eye 
I'm forever conscious of the dark circles under my eyes and I often use eye masks but this 30 day treatment has become a daily ritual for me. I apply a set of these eye gels daily and leave them on for around 20 minutes until they lose their moisture. These are enriched with gold and snail extract (weird, I know) but they are amazing for improving brightness and reducing puffiness. 

What are you current skin saviours?

Lots of Love 

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