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FridayFive | Illamasqua

London, UK

I've been wanting to start something like this a while and although my commitment to a 'series' of blogposts is well.. At times, a little rocky I decided YOLO I've got to start somewhere..

Today I bring you the first of my FridayFive - One brand and Five products I think are worth checking out. Sort of like the creme de la creme, well in my opinion anyways. Today I wanted to kick things off with Illamasqua a brand I have been using and loving since I first started writing MouldyFruit all those years ago. I also did an in-store live tutorial with them last month and I got to demonstrate these products, sharing my thoughts on why I love them etc. So today I thought it was about time and only fair to share them with you lot!

I forever rave about this product and despite trying and using many foundations I always somehow, at some point revert back to this one. I love it - the texture is so weightless it feels as if you're not wearing much at all. The coverage is the best kind of buildable out there, it conceals but also allows as much of your skin to come through as you desire AND it doesn't cake! The finish is radiant and I can't get enough of this in the warmer months.

I think this may very well be my favourite Illamasqua product of all time! The consistency of this powder is dreamy, buttery smooth and allows you to softly sculpt the face. The tones work so well for me and the highlighting powder is simply stunning - best of all it smells like chocolate when you apply it, divine!

This little pot has become a complete staple in my daily make up routine. I usually hate cream based products for the eyes but this sits so well and doesn't crease. I'm a sucker for brown eyeshadows and this chocolate shade is rich with a gorgeous, golden sparkle. Wear it alone or smoke it up - it's ideal for creating an effortlessly chic sultry eye.

There are times I love to use a brow gel and I adore this one so much. It's perfect for mimicking hair and I love how it emphasises my brows. I have naturally dark brows so this shade is spot on for me!

I simply adore Illamasqua lipsticks, I love that what you see is what you get and for someone who loves a matte lipstick I'm always spoilt for choice as their range is so extensive. I could have picked a bold, vibrant colour to share with you but I'm going to keep it real. 'Bare' is one of my favourite pink based nude lipsticks and I reach for on a daily basis. It's not too pink, nor too brown neither is it too nude that it washes me out. You know when you find the right tone of lipstick? This is definitely that for me.

Have any of you tried the above? What are you favourite products from Illamasqua. I'm really excited to share more of my go-to products from different brands over the forthcoming weeks.

I'll also be doing videos where I (obviously) chit chat (way more) about these products!

Hope you all have a fab Easter weekend!

Lots of Love

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