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A Winter Skin 101

The older I’ve got the more diligent I’ve become with skin care.. 

My routine changes depending on season and right now I’m loving the products I’m using so I wanted to give you a little update

I've been naughty at cleansing lately (It's all those late nights) I've needed something quick and easy - this is definitely that. I usually HAVE to cleanse with a balm, I love the feeling of a deep clean but this is perfect for that quick cleanse. The texture is quite light for an oil but it's fantastic for breaking down all my make up. Too often with cleansing oils I find myself having to go back to remove my eye make up but this does it all! Best of all it doesn't dry out my skin. 

I picked this up in Urban Outfitters in Miami and it’s honestly to die for I love everything about this product and while I don’t use a facial spritz everyday when I do this is the ONE! I adore the scent and the benefits of rosewater this combined with aloe is fantastic for calming the skin. I suffer with a lot of redness and this really helps to take it down. 

This is my trustee overnight oil in the colder months, it’s amazing at replenishing the skin and adding essential hydration. If you’re a frequent follower you’ll know there’s always a little Caudalie that creeps into my skin care routine - It’s one of those brands I heavily rely on because it always works wonders. When it gets to Winter I usually switch to the Vinosource collection because it’s targeted at dryer skin types and mine is certainly that. 

This is one of those incredibly luxuruious skin care products that’s pricey but oh boy what an absolutely beautiful face cream. My skin always freaks out in the cold and this is the best anti-stress product I’ve used. I’ve used it quite a few times and whenever my skin is in dyer need I always revert back to it because I love it. It smells amazing as you would expect but the feeling against my skin is what I love the most, it absorbs so well and leaves my face feeling hydrated and looking radiant which it often lacks in the Winter.  

WOW! What a lip balm -This has been my saviour for the last few months it's honestly INCREDIBLE. The consistency is thick and balm like. In some ways it reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream which I love but somehow this is better. It keeps my lips hydrated for hours and has help me overcome my Winter chapped lips. I also much prefer the smell of this, it's Apple and probably the best thing I can recommend for dry lips -It's awesome.  

What have you been loving for your skin lately? 

Lots of Love


  1. I am so obsessed with cleansing oils, I definitely need to try out the Elizabeth Arden offering!

  2. Some of these products sound great, I've been loving the Benefit foaming face wash at the minute, it's really good :) x


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