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The Transitional Berry Lip

London, UK

I've been searching for that perfect transitional berry lip and I think I've found it! 

You know when the seasons change so often do my lip choices. As we're moving out of the colder months and the days are becoming a little brighter I've been looking for a berry tone lipstick that's not as deep and dark as my A/W picks. Too often I shop my stash because let's face it I forget what products I actually own. Sephora Cream Lip Stains are among my favourite long wearing lip products, these liquid lipsticks were the ones that really ignited my love for matte lip products. This shade Blackberry Sorbet is simply stunning, while the texture differs a little from the original formulation of Sephora Lip Stains I've still loved wearing this lately.

The tone is ideal moving into Spring, it's a lot more pink based and surprisingly I love that. It's not as dark as some of the berry/wine tones I'd been wearing in the Winter and I like that. I still adore the texture of these lip products, they're creamy, dry matte and last for hours on the lips. 

I'm not ready to say bye to berry lips and tones like this are the perfect in-between shade

What's your transitional berry lippy? I have to say as soon as I see the sunshine I'm ready for golden bronze skin with soft corals on my lips. Anyone else?

Lots of Love


  1. Wahh, I haven't taken full advantage of winter to wear a dark lip, must try harder. Great shade, love these Sephora lipsticks!

    The Beauty Locker

  2. This is such a beautiful colour and I'm obsessed with the formulation of these!

  3. Ooo this is such a pretty lip colour, i need to start shopping for season change colours xx

    Anna-Maria |

  4. Such a pretty colour and your makeup is stunning x


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