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The Radiance Primer You NEED!

London, UK

I haven't heard much hype around this product and I honestly don't know why..

Let me start by saying it has been a LONG time since I've been WOW'd by a primer but as soon as I tried this I was instantly blown away - it's literally GLOW in a bottle. Becca is fast becoming one of my favourite make up brands and I feel like their base products are phenomenal. I'd been using their Full Coverage Complexion Creme for the majority of last year and it still remains one of my favourite foundations. This primer has become another addition to my daily make up routine and I adore it for so many reasons. 

The consistency is dreamy, it's lightweight but at the same time creamy - it adds a layer of hydration to my skin which is always good for someone like me who has dry skin. Texture aside the glow that this product gives your skin is incredible, it's the perfect amount of dewiness - not too much where you can end up looking borderline sweaty and not too little where you're wondering where the radiance is at!? I love how this product subtly comes through once you apply foundation over it, it's stunning

I know too often we question primers, do they work? No do they actually work? My answer to this one is yes. I have definitely noticed this pro-longs the wear of my foundation, you know when you get to that mid afternoon moment when you look in the mirror and you're where's it all gone? I feel like this primer gives you a few extra hours, which are definitely precious when it comes to make up longevity. 

If you're looking for a primer that gives your skin LIFE! This is it, it's such a gorgeous finish on the skin and really does the trick when it comes to keeping my base in place.

My advice to you? Get down to a Becca stockist and just try this, You'll be amazed at how beautiful this is on the skin.

Have any of you already tried this? What do you think?

Lots of Love 

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