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Overcoming Fears


At the beginning of the month I overcame one of my biggest fears - public speaking!

Believe it or not? I hate public speaking - The thought alone is enough to send me into a state of anxiety. It's very different being alone, talking to a camera than having to speak in front of a room filled with faces. I remember being at university and avoiding all modules which had presentations in them because of my fear. I was invited to talk 2016 Beauty Trends at an intimate readers event for The Debrief - for those of you who don't know about The Debrief, where have you been? It's an amazing online magazine aimed at women in their 20's covering anything and everything - I regularly read it and when I was asked to be a speaker it was too much of an honour to turn down.

The whole experience made me realise you really can do anything you set your mind to. I wanted to share some things to think about when it comes to concurring your own fears.

Don't rule it out
I would instantly rule out the thought of doing something that scared me but this year I've decided it's time to face the music! It's time to start saying YES more.. I can't explain how rewarding it feels being able to say YES to something you wouldn't have dreamed of doing - It's all about having faith in yourself!

What's the worst that could happen?
No, like seriously? What's the worse outcome.. Think about it.. Then think to yourself, is it really THAT bad? Probably not! So again, what's the worst that could happen? The more you challenge your fear the easier it is approach it. 

I have something to say
In this instance I was invited down to talk Beauty Trends in 2016 - OK beauty is practically my life, I read it, I write it, I talk it - So let's face it I know what I'm on about. Too often I and many others don't give ourselves enough credit in our craft - For me it's largely to do with comparison to others, which can I just say is the root of all evil. You are your own person and we all have something to contribute to this world, so really you have to just run with that and totally OWN it. At the end of the day no one can discredit you for what you have to say, we are all entitled to our own point of view! 

The After Effect 
I can't explain the sense of accomplishment I felt having overcome one of my biggest fears. The feeling was honestly indescribable and it made me realise I really can do it! I received such incredible feedback and I felt pretty awesome afterwards. I'm really not one to toot my own horn but I'm proud of myself and I'm proud because I did it and I did for myself. You really can achieve anything you set your mind to as cliche as it sounds! 

Also continuing my 'YES I can' journey I will be doing a live make up tutorial on the new Illamasqua counter at Debenhams Westfield White City this Thursday - Does this frighten me? HELL YES but I'm also a little excited and hope I get the chance to meet some of you! 

What are your fears? Do they hold you back? Let 2016 be the year we conquer them! 

On a side note would any of you like to hear about the content I featured in my 2016 Beauty Trends talk for The Debrief? 

Lots of Love


  1. Hi Zara,

    I've been reading your blog for a few years now and honestly you're my favourite. You are the only beauty blogger I still read! This post was very encouraging and I'm happy and proud of you for overcoming your fears! Majorly excited for you & Illamasqua. Id love to meet you so unless for some reason I have to work late, I'll be there! Keep on overcoming! All my love, God bless you!
    See you Thursday! ;)

  2. This was such a lovely post to read.. I'm so happy you decided to give it a go! There's nothing better than that sense of achievement when you've accomplished something that's been holding you back for so long! xx

    Ciara Rose |

  3. Aww, inspiring post. And TOOT TOOT, well done x


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