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If I'm honest I think MAC's celebrity collaborations are my favourite.. 

I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of Mariah Carey but I distinctly remember growing up loving her music. The lipstick itself wasn't what I was expecting - to be fair when I think of Mariah no particular lip colour or signature make up look comes to mind. 'All I Want' (attempts not to sing her rendition of the Christmas classic) is a soft golden, frost finish lipstick - It reminds me of her Honey remix video, all the hues in that video are golden, as are her lips (Now that's a tune I can get on board with!). I'm not usually a MAC frost lover because against my complexion most of the shades end up washing me out, this however is what I like to call a good mixer. Take your favourite matte nude for example, add a touch of 'All I want' in the centre and it creates beautiful dimension. It also gives the illusion of slightly full lips which I'm all about!

'All I Want' alone

MAC 'Spirit' with 'All I Want' over it. 

I think if you're fairer in complexion this lipstick would work much better on you. If you're a fan of MAC's frost finish lipsticks then it's worth checking out! 

MAC and Mariah Carey launches on the 8th February in the UK online only!

What celebrity would you like to see collaborate with MAC? 
Lots of Love 

Currently listening to this on repeat.. 


  1. All I Want is so pretty, It looks really different from anything I have. I like that you can wear it on its own or with others too x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. I really wanted to like this but it looks like it would wash me out alot x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. This sounds like a great collaboration and can't wait to check these out x

  4. I'd pretty much dismissed this colab until I read this! Now I can't wait to go and have a little look at this in MAC when it comes out!

    Hope you're good, LOVING the new layout :)

    Lis x


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