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Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette


Oh Becca, you've blown me away.. yet again!

Becca has fast become one of my favourite make up brands everything I try I fall in love with. I'm sure by now you know I adore their base products but I had never tried any of their eyeshadows. The thing is with Becca is that many people - I myself, included overlook their products because the packaging is understated and the colours are more muted but in reality these are the tones you ACTUALLY wear.  I knew I'd love the Ombre Rouge Eye Palette the moment I saw it - it's simple but complete with the right colours to warmly enhance your eyes and boy does it do that beautifully! 

It seems the only way I can describe eyeshadows is to talk about how buttery smooth they are and these feel like velvet against the skin. It's such a well pigmented palette and the shadows blend so effortlessly. I really adore this palette and it's actually drawn me away from my beloved Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani  - So you know that's saying something. I usually use the middle shade all over the lid, the one to the right of it in the crease and the one to furthest right to deepen my crease - I add a little liner et voila! It's a look I've been wearing so frequently and I love the way the warm tones compliment my complexion. 

Have any of you tried any of Becca's eye palettes, honestly don't overlook them they're pretty amazing! 

Lots of Love 

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