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1-800-HOTLINEBLING | Tom Ford X Drake

London, UK

So I had a complete fangirl moment.. 
Tom Ford drops a lipstick called Drake and I don't stop till I track one down. This is the first lipstick from his Lips & Boys collection I own and what a diddy little lippy it is. To be fair I the colour is not really my cup of tea, it's a purple metallic which is quite sheer in application but that's what happens when you fangirl! If I'm honest I love the idea of the Lips & Boys collection - lots of mini lipsticks, in array of beautiful colours but would I buy one again? Probably not! I think they're overpriced for the size, I'd rather pay a little more and get an original Tom Ford lipstick, which I've already expressed my love for in the past. When I first heard Drake was a sell out I made it my mission to get one, I tracked it down in Selfridges, tried it on and have I worn it since? Nope.

To be honest I think the lipstick looks best mixed, I added a nude lippy (Illamasqua - Naked) and I quite like how it came out.

Moral of the story, if you're considering buying this lipstick - Don't it's nothing special, TRUST me! 

Unless you're happy to display it on your vanity with all the other unnecessary impulse purchases.
In this instance Drake is totally overrated (But my mum likes it!)

Lots of Love


  1. Lol! I really wanted to buy it because of Drake, but now I am happy I didn't :) It looks really nice on you :)


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