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Worth the Hype? | Sunday Riley Good Genes


Let’s face it too often people get caught up in the hype with certain products 

and I’m one of those people that’s often left disappointed. This is how I felt when I heard people raving about Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, I didn’t know if it was as genuinely as good as everyone made out. I actually had the product sitting in my ‘to review’ pile for months. When I finally got round to using it I instantly fell in love - The texture is gorgeous, it’s lightweight but feels hydrating like a moisturiser - I use this product as a serum. I have been using this for about a month now and I seriously adore it, it’s great for correcting and improving the tone of skin. I also love the plumping effect it gives my face, it certainly smooths out the lines and I’m at the age where I’m more conscious of my ageing skin. The smell of this product is divine, I can’t tell you the amount of products I discover and love but eventually stop using them because the scent is off putting - I always say if you’re putting something on your face it has to smell good! Overall Good Genes has help improve the texture of my skin and has added radiance, something I loose in the colder months. 

The verdict? The hype is real! It’s an amazing product which is worth the price tag. Yes it’s a bit of a splurge but what’s make up without good skin care? If you’re looking to treat yourself this is a fabulous product to do that with! 

You can also use Good Genes as intensive mask by applying a thicker layer of product, rinse off or sleep in it and the results are noticeable

Have any of you tried this? Or considered purchasing it? I talk about it in my most recent favourites video! 

Lots of Love 


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