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Let it GLOW! | The Balm, The Manizers Trio


The Balm have released lots of holiday goodness but this has to be my pick of the bunch!

If you've been a frequent follower of my blog and YouTube channel you will know that since I discovered The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter it literally changed my make up game! The glow this wonderful product gives you, is what any girl needs - Not too obvious, nor overly sparkly, but just the right amount of highlight. Mary looks great on, it's not too harsh against my complexion and is the perfect champagne shade, which glistens as the light catches it.

During this Summer I discovered Betty-Lou - The answer to my golden goddess dreams, the kind of product J-LO MUST literally shower in HA! Jokes aside, it's a beautiful bronze highlight which enriches warmer skin beautifully. Again the shimmer is subtle but enough to give the skin a dewy sheen.

Cindy-Lou is the pinker sister of this lot, it's a little lilac against my skin tone and I don't really like that BUT I love this on the inner corners of my eyes and at the high points of my brows. This on fairer complexions is stunning!

Out of all of the highlighters I've discovered I somehow always make my way back to The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. I love the consistency of the powders, they are finely milled and sit so well on the skin without appearing too blocky, if you catch my drift? I find they blend well into the rest of my base make up and let's not forget they give me one badass glow! Currently I love to mix and a bit of Mary with a touch of Betty. 

This trio is a great gift for the holiday season - For someone else, or YOURSELF - I mean the best gifts are the ones we buy ourselves right? Honestly though, what a fabulous collection of highlighters? It's so affordable as well under £20 - AMAZE!

It's limited edition so get your hands on it while you can.. How great is this to travel with? You know I love travel friendly products.

Have any of you tried The Balm highlighters? They are everyday essentials in my make up bag.

Lots of Love

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