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The Future is Foreo | Cleansing me CLEAN


I can be quite old fashioned when it comes to beauty so I’m always a little late on the beauty gadget bandwagon.. 

The Luna by Foreo is the latest beauty device I’ve been testing and it’s phenomenal, it has honestly changed my cleansing my routine and I’m beyond blown away with the results. It works in a similar way to a facial cleansing brush but instead the bristles are silicone - I find this more comforting on the skin yet still as effective (if not more). The Luna is also a much more hygienic and easier to clean device. You simply apply your cleanser, lightly run the bristles under water and proceed to use the Luna in upward motions. This little gadget pulsates against the skin, removing make up and making your face more penetrable for all your lotions and potions. The results were almost instantly visible - my skin is so much clearer, feels incredibly clean and looks more radiant. I’ve been using this over the last few weeks while I’ve been sick and where my skin has been extra dry, this has worked wonders at exfoliating all that icky dead skin. 

Another thing I must add, is the battery life is incredible - I charged this once 3 weeks ago and it’s still going strong. The size is also perfect it fits into the palm of my hand and it's quite compact, ideal especially when travelling. 

I honestly think the future is all about Foreo, I’m loving my Luna and I'm now eager to try their electronic toothbrush.  

Have any of you tried this device? I can’t recommend it enough. 

Lots of Love 



  1. I saw these at a beauty show once and they felt so strange, I really want to have a go now though x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. I haven't heard much about this but I greatly prefer this idea to the brushes. This definitely seems more sanitary and gentle on the skin!


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