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Loving/Wearing | YSL CrossBody Bag


It's been a long time since I've done a Loving/Wearing post..

Over the next few weeks I have lots of non beauty favourites to share with you - from items in my wardrobe that I can't get enough of to books I'm currently reading and enjoying. Today I wanted to share my little beautiful bag - Ahh! I actually purchased this as a birthday present to myself, well MouldyFruit - If you're a frequent reader you'll know my beloved blog turned 6 in September. Picture this, it's a beautiful sunny day in Paris we are driving around the city in an old Citroen 2CV, we are on my favourite road Rue St. Honoré and the driver stops outside Saint Laurent, he urges us to have a look around. I literally hopped out the car and spot the sac (yes throwing my french in here) that I had been eyeing up online for weeks. It was just meant to be and I can't think of a more memorable way to buying a bag!

I had been after a small, cross body bag for a while - It's the perfect size to fit my phone, a cardholder, a powder and a lipstick. I've been wearing it so frequently, since I got it and quite simply I adore it. I love the lipstick print because let's face it I LOVE lipstick and it beats a traditional BLACK bag which I would have probably opted for.

I'm not the kind of person to splurge on designer goods often, my purchases always have a lot of thought and meaning behind them.

This is was certainly a great To me, From me gift that I will continue to Love/Wear for a while!

What have you been loving lately?

Lots of Love

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  1. That bag is seriously gorgeous! I wish it were a tad bit bigger though, I tote around so much stuff these days.


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