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That Highlight Though! | Anastasia BH 'So Hollywood '


This was one of the top products on my US Shopping list..

..and let me just say it didn't disappoint! It did take me a while to swirl my brush in this beauty because it looked so perfect but oh boy when I did it was love at first swipe. 'So Hollywood' was my favourite from Anastasia's section of highlighters, I think out of all four this one is the most versatile. I say that because the warm undertone of this product works with many complexions. I love how golden this is and how it adds the most beautiful glow to the tops of my cheekbones.


This highlighter is packed with pigment and a little goes a long way but you know how I feel about highlighter - The more, the merrier. It's so pretty on and it's become my go-to highlighting product lately!

Have any of you tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighters?

Lots of Love


  1. This is the top of my ABH wishlist at the moment! The highlighters are all so beautiful but So Hollywood has fully caught my eye. It looks so pretty on you too.

    Lucy |

  2. Zara you look stunning!

  3. What lipstick are you wearing here?


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