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Ayumi Naturals | Budget Beauty


Who doesn't love a budget beauty buy.. 

And today I'm sharing with you two products from the new world beauty selection stocked at Tesco. It's guaranteed that any time I'm doing my food shopping, I'll end up having a browse down the beauty isles - whether it's a new shampoo or pretty nail polish I'll always leave with something. 

In general I think I'm a relatively healthy person, I like to know about the benefits of certain ingredients and whether I'm juicing them or applying them directly to my skin, I do try. I was sent over some bits from the new range at Tesco Beauty and recently I've been enjoying Ayumi Naturals Tumeric Face Wash and Face Cream. 

While my skin has been somewhat stressed since being sick I thought I would adapt a natural approach to my skin care and these couldn't have arrived at a better time. Turmeric is known for being an ingredient that promotes healing and helps with improving uneven skin tone . Both of these products are also rich in Chamomile which is calming on the skin - they soothe and hydrate which is essential at this time of the year where I'm extra dry. 

I find both products gentle yet effective on the skin, they feel comforting and have a neutral scent. While the packaging may not be as fancy as some high end skin care I use, the products themselves are worth trying and best of all these products don't break the bank!

You can check out Ayumi products at your local Tesco, I also love their coconut oil - you guys know how much I love the stuff, it's amazing. 

Have any of you tried this brand? Are any of you the same when you're shopping at the supermarkets? What's your current best budget buy

Beauty at Tesco now stocks a wide range of beauty products both online and in store, including brands such Dabur, Pak's, Vatika and Temese & Jackson. 

Lots of Love 


N.B This post was sponsored by Tesco Beauty.

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  1. Zara you HAVE to try Merumaya..lush! esp their cleansing balm and peel.. have a look!


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