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Finally Tried | Anastasia BH Liquid Lipstick


I FINALLY tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick and the verdict is..

I'm undecided! Eeek it almost pains me to say that but I'm just not convinced. First of all I picked this up in Macy's in Miami, I have to say I was underwhelmed with the stock levels of these liquid lipsticks all over Florida - They literally have NONE, nowhere. Heathers was a colour I wasn't crazy about BUT I picked it up because I was so desperate to try them and the shade is very Autumn appropriate. There has been so much hype around these liquid lipsticks and pictures of people wearing them flood my Instagram on the daily. I have pretty high standards (haha) when it comes to liquid lipsticks and although this initially ticked the boxes after a while I wasn't all that wow'd.

The application is awesome, the product is quite creamy in consistency which I like - It's less wet than the ones I'm used to but I find it so easy to perfect your pout. The pigment is impressive - an even, non patchy application after one swipe. I loved this product for the first couple of hours, it felt good but after a while it begun to wear away (No eating/drinking involved) After about three hours this liquid lipstick literally ROLLED off my lips - It was bitty and uncomfortable, I had no choice but to remove it!


I don't know if it was just an off experience, Of course I'll give it another go but to be honest as far as first impressions go - I think there are much better liquid lipsticks on the market.

I'm glad I never succumbed to the hype and bought masses of these online. I also think it's worth trying them on as so many of the shades look different in reality. If you're in America and can get to a Macy's then do so.

Have you tried these? What do you think? FYI I moisturised my lips prior to application of this product.

Lots of Love


  1. If you happen to try another one get Vintage. I was extremely impressed. It lasted 10 hours alone!

  2. I have hear mixed reviews about the formula of some. Some colors are great other do exactly what you described. Such a bummer! However, I do think that some of her newer colors have a better formula, at least that it what I've heard.

  3. The shade looks gorgeous on you, so it's so unfortunate to hear that you had a bad experience! I haven't tried the lipsticks by ABH yet, but I'm still curious to give them ago x

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  4. Thanks for posting this Zara. I'd been wondering about these, and because we have to order them from NZ it can be a really costly mistake to make. BUT that colour does look amazing on you!!!

  5. Have you tried Giorgio Armani lip maestro in 200?! I think you would love it!

  6. I had 'Heathers' as well, eventually gave it away. I found that it bled a lot and transferred quite a bit. The formulation of these isn't the best on the market, especially when you consider all the hype.

  7. this has got to be the worst emphasizes on lines and feels so dry & awful..i regret paying for a handful of them and plus the wasted shipping charges...:((


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