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Making Me Time | At Home Pampering


Am I the only one who finds it impossible to squeeze in some Me Time?


I’m constantly on the go, my minds over active and it takes a lot for me to truly relax and unwind.  I remember being a teen owning a foot spa then it suddenly disappeared, I think my mum threw it out with all those other whim purchases! There’s nothing more relaxing than having your feet taken care of, you’re constantly on them and it’s an area that so many of us neglect - I love feet, ok not in a weird fetish way but I love taking care of them. After using my cousins foot spa a few weeks back I decided I needed one again, nothing beats an at home pamper session. I ordered a Babyliss Foot Spa along with a Pedicure Kit and a few cheeky OPI Nail Polishes from JustMyLook


I've been diligent in using the KaesoPedicure products - I love them, they smell wonderful (not your traditional peppermint) and leave my feet feeling smooth and super soft. I start with the Mandarin and Citrus Foot Soak in my Babyliss Foot Spa, I then use my OPI Foot File which is one of the best I’ve used - it’s abrasive but not too harsh and it removes all hard skin. I think my favourite product from this kit product is the Lime & Ginger Foot Scrub it’s creamy but grainy and leaves my feet feeling fabulous. I follow with the Foot Mask, applying this generously to my feet which I then wrap my in clingfilm. I leave this to work it's magic for about 15 minutes and quite literally put my feet up, I switch on Apple TV or grab a book. The book I’m loving right now is ‘How to be Parisian wherever you are’ all you have to do is glance at my Instagram to see my obsession with Paris, so this book is PARFAIT -  I purchased this from JOY when I picked up a selection of new reading (more about that HERE).


After care is essential and I’ve been using the KaesoPedicure foot cream and foot sprays - Even if you can’t make time for a full at home pedi, there's no excuses when it comes to foot cream! 


I mean what me time is complete without painting your nails?! I also ordered these from JustMyLook and over the last few weeks they're all I’ve been wearing. These are typically me tones aka variations of white haha but I’m realising nothing beats a good OPI nail polish. I wore the white for 10 days without it chipping, I was so impressed with the quality - I’d almost forgotten how good they are. 

L - R 

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Alpine Snow, I Love Applause 

Even though my job is trying beauty/skin care products it's different when you take time out to do it for yourself -  I can't explain how great I feel after. Be sure to check out the JustMyLook website (HERE) their prices are amazing and I know the Babyliss Foot Spa is on sale!

Do you guys make time to pamper at home?

Hope you're well 

Lots of Love


  1. It is nice to have some you time, I have always wanted a foot spa, I am on my feet all day I think it would be really relaxing x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. I got my foot spa for Christmas and I have to say lately I haven't been taking got out as much, but this article definitely motivated me to get home this evening and get it out along with my pedi tools and polishes! Xxx


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