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I'm in LOVE with the COCO | Vita Coco Coconut Oil

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I live for a multi purpose product.. 

..and Vita Coco Coconut Oil is my current favourite. I’ve featured this product in videos and even mentioned it in blog posts before but it’s about time it had it’s own space on MouldyFruit. I love moisturising with an oil, I generally prefer the way it hydrates and this is just perfect for my dry skin. It’s solid in formula so I scoop a little out and massage into my body, I love how this product absorbs into the skin and gives my body such a great glow. As far as multi purpose goes you can use this anywhere and everywhere! I particularly like using this as a deep, intensive overnight hair mask - it leaves my hair soft, shiny and feeling fabulous. You know I’m sucker for smells and this is divine - I'm truly in love with the coco

Beauty uses aside coconut oil is amazing for cooking with, I keep finding more purposes for this product everyday. This week sees the launch of Vita Coco’s new SwearByIt website a hub full of wonderful ways to use Vita Coco Coconut Oil from beauty hacks to recipes, they've got it covered!

There’s also the chance to win a years supply of the stuff.. 

Simply TWEET @VitaCocoOilUk the answer to this question 

   What is the fourth DIY beauty hack you didn’t know you could do with coconut oil?

The answer is on the #SwearByIt site HERE


Have any of you tried Vita Coco Coconut Oil? Head on over to the new SwearByIt site for all those beauty hacks! 

Lots of Love 

This post was sponsored by Vita Coco

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  1. I love Coconut Oil, I use it for oil pulling and to mosturise my skin when it gets super dry in the winter, I also use it for cooking too. <3


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