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I have my core skin care collection and of course I have the boosters.. 

These are the products I use when I need a little extra help, when my skin care alone isn't quite cutting it. For the last two months I've been using both of these products religiously, so it was about time I shone some light on them. 

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask 
I’ve been so diligent with using face masks lately and I make the time at least twice a week to do so. The Body Shop’s Warming Mineral Mask has been the one I’ve gravitated towards the most and it’s now a product I can’t live without. When you apply the product, it reacts with the contact of your fingers and the warming sensation feels comforting on the skin. This clay based mask is fantastic to deep cleanse - it works well at unclogging the pores, removing dead skin cells and my face is left noticeably clearer. I leave this mask on for about 20 minutes while I continue dilly dallying around, wash it off et voila! 

Institut Esthederm Eye Patches
These mini eye patches from Institut Esthederm have worked wonders for me. I am so self conscious when it comes to my dark circled puffy eyes but since I’ve started using these I honestly feel like a more acceptable human. These patches are infused with product, which I lay below my eyes allowing my skin to fully absorb. After approx 20 minutes I remove the patches and can instantly see the improvement - The under eye are is smooth, lifted and any puffiness is significantly reduced. Seriously where have these been hiding all my adult life? In one box you have 10 sets of patches I can't recommend these enough - especially if you, like me worry about your panda eyes!

What are you favourite skin care boosters? Have any of you tried these?

Lots of Love

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  1. thanks for this post! I try to include a face mask in my (somewhat poor) skincare regime. I'm a fan of The Body Shop Products, so I will check out their mud mask x


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