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Loving/Wearing | Talia Naomi Why So Serious? Ring


Traipsing around Paris with this fabulous ring on my finger..


I keep things simple when it comes to my personal style, so naturally I love playing with accessories and adding jewellery to jazz things up - Rings in particular are my thing! The latest addition to my hands is this beautiful piece by Talia Naomi, it's such an eye catching ring and I absolutely adore it. The why so serious? ring reminds to keep smiling and focusing on the positive. 


I love the delicacy of the chain ring and the way it sits so perfectly on my finger. This ring is 14ct gold with pavĂ©ed crystalline zirconia. It's so rare to find unique, quirky jewellery that's gold and I'm so lucky I stumbled across Talia Naomi's stunning jewellery line.

I don't plan on taking this ring off any time soon!

All you jewellery lovers head on over to Talia Naomi's website (HERE) to check out some of her incredible pieces.

I now have my eye (literally) on the 'See No Evil' necklace - To die for!

Lots of Love


  1. This is such a beautiful piece! I really adore chain rings so, so much. x


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