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SNEAK PEEK | Illamasqua Dusk Collection


Feast your eyes on this.. Illamasqua - Dusk, launching this week!

Inspired by the make up of the Middle East Dusk is a limited edition launching on the 17th July exclusive to Selfridges. I don't know about you but I instantly gravitated towards the sculpting palette - YES, YES, YES!

Sculpting Palette


Whether you want to look ultra chiselled or you want to softly emphasise your features this palette is the ONE. Ok I don't know if it's me but Illamasqua powders smell like chocolate - They are a dream to apply (not just because of the scent but) the consistency of these powders are buttery smooth and they blend in so seamlessly into the skin. I opted for a subtle approach to shaping the face selecting the warm brown tones to apply under the cheekbones, I complimented this with the stunning highlighter, an almost a golden champagne colour.


(Wearing the sculpting palette, blusher & lipstick from this collection)

Limited Edition Lipstick in Born


We all know Illamasqua do matte and they do matte good - This is a soft pink nude which is a little light than I'd usually go for but is the kind of colour that would work so well with a lip liner. It remind me of Illamasqua Bare which some of you may know is my HOLY GRAIL!

Limited Edition Blusher in Cherish


Ok the smell of chocolate continues with this blusher, like damn I'm on a diet and all these scents are getting to me! I adore this baby pink blush it adds that pop of pink which really perks up the face. Despite it looking super sparkly in the picture it doesn't transfer too obviously to the skin.

Limited Edition Lashes in Quiver


I'm not a huge false lash wearer because my own lashes get in the way but can we just take a minute? These are full on, dramatic and really epitomises what Middle Eastern make up is about - Emphasising the eyes. I'm saving these for a special occasion, for sure.

Illamasqua Dusk launches the 17/7/15 Will you be checking this out?

Lots of Love


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