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Smells Like Summer | Scents


It's certainly smelling like Summer around here..

Fragrances instantly impact my mood, I love them to be matched to seasons and these four are my current favourites for Summer.

Diptyque Vetyverio
This has to be one of my most reached for Summer scents. I love how fresh and green this smells on the skin. I like that it's less floral based then most of my fragrances and instead quite masculine. The vetiver is quite dominant in this fragrance but it's balanced beautifully with bergamot and rose. It's light and easy to wear, for he or she!

Stella McCartney for Women
This smells like a stepping into a garden with the flowers blooming in full force, rose and peonies are the notes that come through the most in this scent which sometimes can be a little too much for me. However it just works, this is quite a feminine fragrance and base notes of amber soften the sweetness.

Diptyque Eau de 34
Another unisex fragrance from Diptyque and one that I quite literally can't get enough of. The original 34 is a heavy, pungent variation of this and while I adore it for the colder months L'eau 34 is a much lighter, Summer alternative. It's a distinctive fragrance but at the same time it's so unique and smells different on everyone. The scent itself captures the experience of walking into the Diptyque store (34 Boulevard St Germain) and being absorbed amongst the aromas. The notes of this fragrance are endless but the ones that are worth mentioning are bitter orange, lemon, lavender balanced by base notes of patchouli, cedar and moss.

D&G Light Blue Sunset in Salina
The original Light Blue has always reminded me of Summer, I actually associate the fragrance with my youth something about it takes me right back to being around 14 - It's amazing how nostalgic smells are. Sunset in Salina still has the heart of the original Light Blue fragrance but somehow this has me feeling even more set for Summer. It's a little more floral than the original with notes of yellow freesia, jasmine and orange blossom - It's definitely worth a whiff! 

What fragrances have you been loving for the Sunnier days? What's your signature Summer scent?

Lots of Love


  1. These all sound lovely, I love Chloe Roses in the summer! x

  2. Oooh these all sound like great ones to try out, I'm on the hunt for a summer scent at the moment :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty


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